Reporting & Analytics

Fireworks CRM provides the best real-time reports and analytics of ANY admissions recruitment CRM in the higher education market.

Create personalized dashboards

Build dynamic dashboards with the reports you frequently access.

Utilize predefined reports

Access 50+ standard reports to quickly view and analyze your recruitment and admissions data.

Utilize formulas

Utilize admissions-relevant formulas (e.g., applicant rate, admit rate, yield rate) in any report.

Build Custom Reports

Create custom reports using any combination of data fields. We’ll even build the custom reports for you at no additional cost.

Visualize Data

View data in a variety of ways, including bar, line, pie charts, KPI goal gauges, and more.

Easily generate reports

No coding or technical knowledge is required to create and generate reports.

Automatically send reports

Schedule reports to automatically run and be emailed to appropriate stakeholders.

Download reports

Export reports in a CSV, Excel, or PDF format.